Casino Technology was founded in 1999 and is currently operating in over 50 countries worldwide. Their success has enabled their games to be featured in some of the most popular online casinos in Europe and America.

The launch of Casino Technology Interactive has enabled the company to create more than 500 different products. As well as their renowned slot machines, they have also released automated roulette wheels and bingo terminals for online casino platforms, to enhance the gaming experience.

The Big 5 Suite is a multichannel gaming solution from Casino Technology that allows them to switch from physical to mobile-based gaming. This technology is composed of five animal-themed systems, each tailored to a specific aspect of casino gaming.

Rhino was a system used by physical casino operators which provided them with options to manage their slot floor and gain insights into customer behaviour on the boards.

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Leopard by Casino Technology’s Interactive branch is an online gaming solution that assists operators in managing and controlling their virtual casino business, while also providing players with plenty of game options to choose from. It is a beneficial tool for both operators and players alike.

Elephant is a remote gaming server that enables the distribution of gaming content to various platforms, such as desktop and mobile, for the purpose of enhancing the company’s gaming experience.

Buffalo is a tool that is essential for controlling prizes in both online and physical casinos. It enables operators to configure pay-outs, including progressive jackpots, making it a vital part of the gaming experience.

The Lion system helps customers enjoy a worry-free gambling experience, providing quick pay-outs, and eliminating additional bank charges. It also facilitates money management, including cash transfers between different casinos.

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Casino Technology has been in business for over fifteen years and has created nearly 500 titles, including slots, bingo, and roulette games. No matter what website you visit, if it is powered by Casino Technology, you will have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Casino Technology has created free casino slots with great attention to detail. The animations of these virtual slots are smooth, the symbols are vibrant and vivid, and the sounds are captivating. Yet, the games developed by Casino Technology are easy to understand and play.

If you are a fan of modern slot themes and gameplay, you may find that the slots produced by Casino Technology are a bit outdated. Casino Technology was a major player in the physical casino industry and has been providing land-based casino players with traditional casino games for a long time, so their games may feel familiar to those offered in land-based casinos.

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Casino Technology has provided a selection of popular titles to the online casino industry. Among the highly rated online casino slots, Fluftails stands out, a pet-themed slot featuring various pets on its reels and a wild black cat symbol.

Bombay Gems is one of the many popular online slot games developed by Casino Technology. It brings the color and glamor of Bollywood straight to your mobile device. However, Misty Forest, an Irish-themed game, should not be missed. Its story draws from the depths of Celtic mythology. Casino Technology’s online-focused division continues to strive for innovation, creating fresh and exciting games for the mobile generation. There are more games to come!

Casino Technology is a reliable provider of quality products for both online and offline casinos. The games manufacturer is quickly shifting its focus to the iGaming industry to reach a new generation of players.

Casino Technology develops games that provide a perfect gaming experience for veteran and senior gamers. At the same time, the company is now focusing on the casual market and creating games that cater to the needs of the next generation of gamers.

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