When it comes to free online slots games, Bally has a great selection for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for the hilarious Anchorman slot, based on the film starring Will Ferrell as a 1970s broadcast news anchorman, the mystical Celestial King slot, the mysterious Shadow Diamond, or the quirky Big Vegas slot, Bally has something for everyone. You can play these games for fun or real money today.

Bally is an ideal example of a gaming software company that has expertise in creating slots and other gaming-related technologies, and has gone through a seemingly endless series of mergers and acquisitions.

Bally Technologies began their journey in 1968, originally established as Advanced Patent Technology by Alvin Snapper and Jack Solomon. The two entrepreneurs had collected patents in multiple fields, ranging from optics to medicine and electronics. After one year, the company went public and spent the next 12 years utilizing the 80+ patents in their portfolio. Bally Technologies gained recognition by introducing innovative devices, which may seem strange today but were revolutionary at the time. Some of their inventions included an ultrasonic endodontics device (used by dentists to clean pulp), an ultrasonic dry-cleaning machine, and an ultrasonic meat tenderizer.

Play Free Bally Technologies Slots: Enjoy a Fun Casino Experience

In 1979, Bally made its first move into the gaming industry by acquiring United Coin Machine Company. However, due to a series of scandals involving the company's management, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Nevada Gaming Commission, the company underwent a management shakeup and restructuring in 1983, resulting in a name change to Gaming and Technology Inc. to better reflect its focus on gaming.

Two years after the merger between the company and video slots maker Omega Enterprises, the company saw a decrease in sales and changed its name to United Gaming Inc. Following this, the company made a number of investments and property deals in different casinos. In 1992, when gambling was made legal in the state, the company installed 600 video poker machines at the New Orleans Fair Grounds and two race tracks. By 1994, the company had changed its name yet again, to Alliance Gaming Corporation.

Alliance, formerly known by another name, saw an opportunity in the growing Indian and river boat casino market. With so much space to fill, they decided to use their marketing skills to compete with IGT, the world's leading slots manufacturer who had around 70% of the domestic US market. Alliance sought to make slots more fun in order to gain a competitive edge.

Company director Steve Greathouse reasoned that, by making their machines more interactive and fun, effectively turning slots gambling into a form of entertainment, they could pick up significant market share over IGT. At the time, IGT's board felt that gamblers did not gamble to be entertained and that the slots gaming experience was only about the sound of money.

Fortunately, the IGT board was wrong and Bally was able to make a move, which was beneficial for Bally and the world of online slots in the USA.

Alliance found it intimidating to enter the market on their own, so they decided to join forces with Bally Gaming International. Bally had a strong presence in the land-based casino market, both abroad with their German subsidiary Bally Wulff and in the US, and were considered the second largest games producer with around 15% of the market share.

The acquisition of Bally by Alliance had its difficulties, with Alliance even trying to carry out a hostile takeover of Bally at one point. After multiple legal battles, an agreement was eventually reached and the acquisition finalized in 1996. Afterwards, Bally was split into various divisions, including Bally Gaming, which specialized in slot machines, and Bally Systems, which focused on casino management and other gambling software systems.

Play Free Bally Technologies Slots: Enjoy a Fun Casino Experience

Bally experienced rapid growth after launching its first regional progressive jackpot system, Trillions. Instead of selling machines to casinos, Bally offered them a revenue sharing plan in exchange for making the machines available to their customers. This idea was very successful, leading Bally to create a range of cartoon-themed slots, such as Blondie, Popeye and Betty Boop, which were met with great enthusiasm. Hitting the progressive jackpot was then made possible.

By the end of 2002, Bally had gone from being on the brink of being delisted from the NASDAQ to achieving record profits. After the Evo platform from Microsoft did not meet its expectations, Bally chose to create its own platform and released the Hot Shots Progressives series. With progressive slots becoming increasingly popular, Bally seized the opportunity to capitalize on the growing trend, setting themselves up for success.

By 2009, more than 500 casinos were operating Bally slots games on a daily basis, with a total of 400,000 games. To better reflect this, Alliance changed its name to Bally Technologies, Inc.

Today, Bally Internet offers a comprehensive range of online free slots games through its iGaming solutions. It has launched an interactive gaming suite for PC users, as well as tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows mobile users. Additionally, its award-winning Remote Gaming Server (RGS) and iGaming Platform have enabled the company to gain a notable presence in the cutting-edge online slots market.

After many years in the industry and having experienced all it has to offer, Bally remains a leader in the market for both land-based and online casino slot games.

Bally provides a wide variety of free online slot machines games that you can also play for real money. These include Cash Wizard, Cash Spin, Dragon Spin, Cirque du Soleil Kooza, Lady Robin Hood, Fu Dao Le, Rocket Returns, Titanic, Vegas Hits, Lucky Tree, and Michael Jackson, among many others.

Bally offers an impressive selection of slots games; there are hundreds of options available for real money play at an online casino or for free at Slotu. The design of these games is consistently solid yet simple, and their years of experience make them a popular choice among free online slots players all over the world.

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