World Health Day is one the foremost global wellness events observed on April 7 every year. This campaign is organized by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which emphasizes the importance of overall wellbeing and the need for better healthcare for the population worldwide, since its inception in the year 1950. Numerous activities are conducted in countries across the globe, involving policymakers, healthcare experts, doctors, media and students, highlighting various issues pertaining to health, medicine and disease and spreading awareness of crucial concerns to the general public.

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The theme for World health Day 2021 is, “Building A Fairer Healthier World For Everyone”, implying equal access and prompt availability of the best healthcare services to all sections of society, irrespective of gender, socio-economic status and location. The unbridled COVID-19 pandemic that erupted in nations around the world in January 2020 and is still ongoing presented numerous challenges to people in terms of obtaining timely medical care, owing to poverty, unemployment and residing in remote geographic areas. The chief objective of World Health day 2021 is to put an end to all these health inequities and provide optimal primary care services and medical essentials to populations across the globe.
World Health Day April 7th

While it is true that the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted all semblance of normalcy and posed many problems in providing timely medical care to various sections of society, a defining trend that arose along with social distancing, face masks and hand sanitisers was that of work from home, or WFH as it is popularly abbreviated. Setting up an office within the confines of one’s abode and dealing with family members, routine chores and work pressure is indeed a tough challenge and has resulted in numerous people suffering from undue mental stress, burnout, lack of sleep, anxiety and depression. This often occurs as a result of extended work hours, demanding professional projects and deadlines, amid facing many personal issues at home, straining relationships and negatively affecting overall wellness.

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Therefore, it is imperative to make health a priority in these difficult times, keeping in mind to foster all aspects of wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional, to enhance productivity and keep illness at bay. This can be easily accomplished, by adopting some simple measures, to cultivate a healthy work-life balance during the ongoing partial lockdown phase and ensure optimal wellbeing of one and all in the family.

Simple Guidelines To Attain A Healthy Work Life Balance Amidst Lockdown:

Follow A Routine

Planning the tasks to be completed for work in the beginning of the week helps to manage time efficiently and attain all professional targets. Also, adhere to a set routine every day, by starting work, logging off, taking lunch breaks at the same time every day. Although there is no necessity to travel to work and dress up in formals, do make it a habit to follow a morning routine, take a shower, eat a wholesome breakfast, then begin to work.

Allocate A Separate Workspace

Finding a quiet corner at home can seem impossible for many and lead to numerous interruptions while working too. Clear out a study table and chair in a well-lit area by the window or verandah for optimum ventilation and demarcate this portion only for work. Gently inform children, elderly and other family members to not disturb you while you are busy in your workspace. Make sure to distance this space from the television and main door, to avoid distractions and increase productivity.

Switch Off During Meals

While many projects may arise during the course of one work day, it is important to mentally switch off during meals, such as while eating lunch or sipping on some tea in the evening. Mindful eating practices uplift the absorption of nutrients from food, enhance digestion, immunity and boost energy levels, to resume work with full focus and concentration. Also, do not have meals in the same table where your work laptop or desktop is set up, to avoid constantly worrying about emails and other tasks while eating.

Relax On Weekends

A five day work week filled with tension, deadlines and countless duties can be very exhausting, both physically and mentally. To avoid burnout and fatigue, make it a point to set aside weekends for spending time with family, friends and other hobbies. Even after a full work day, log off from the computer at night and engage in other activities like socializing with friends either over a phone call, enjoying a family dinner and turn on the work system only the next morning.

Daily Outdoor Activity

Being cooped up within four walls of the house leads to low moods, depression and frustration quite often. Hence, the best way to soak in some sunlight daily and breathe in some refreshing air is to take a morning walk. Even  in the late evening or night after dinner, going for a stroll in the neighbourhood while listening to some music or chatting with a friend or family member helps to speed up digestion, metabolism and also soothes the mind.