In these times of uncertain events and pandemic attack of coronavirus, most of us have been instructed to be home quarantine so as to minimize the chance of being infected and to reduce the exposure to unknown carriers. Many IT sectors and private organizations have asked their employees to work remotely as a part of precautionary measures and at the same time assuring the smooth delivery of work. Home quarantine is a precautionary measure laid down by the government health authorities to ensure people are at the best of their health, safe and secure at home. Also Read: Coronavirus: All You Need To Know About Home Quarantine Guidelines

healthy snacking options

As per the ICMR reports, India is currently in stage 2 of COVID-19 and in no time if the spreading of coronavirus is not contained, then the country would be in stage 3 where there is a high chance of large section of the community being infected with this deadly COVID-19 disease.

To contain the ongoing transmission of coronavirus disease ,many people have started to work from home.Work from home option offers you the liberty and easy accessibility to junks loaded at home and a desire to crave unhealthy snacks just to get away from the boredom of isolation and missing your enthusiastic colleagues and team at the office. However, it is utmost of importance that you stick to healthy eating habits and choose from a spectrum of nutritious snack options available at home during the period of quarantine, in order to stay healthy and boost your overall health and well-being. Also Read: 2 Incredibly Easy & Healthy Snacks To Make On A Lazy Weekend

Read through this article to know about healthy snack options during home quarantine.

Healthy Snacking Options

Munch On Nuts And Dried Fruits

Nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts and dried fruits are a quick booster of energy, loaded with protein and vitamins that can kick your energy levels, boosts mood and bolsters immunity in this time of the viral attack. Grab on a fistful of nuts and dried fruits to curb your cravings for junk foods and unhealthy stuff.

Go For Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are the storehouse of vital vitamins and minerals, fruits like oranges, kiwi, grapes, watermelons and papaya are loaded with immune-boosting vitamins C, A and antioxidants which has the power to trigger the immune system and also satisfy your sweet tooth.

Power Up With Yogurt

Yogurt, your dairy protein powerhouse is sure to stimulate the gut health and uplift the good bacteria. Adding yogurt as a snack also promote the smooth functioning of the digestive system and triggers the immune system.

Boost Your Immunity With Herbal/Green Teas

Instead of gulping two or three cups of coffee or tea while working at home which may eventually add up to the unwanted sugar and calories, drink warm and refreshing green tea, infused tea and herbal drinks which have the power to pump metabolism, energy level and also detox the system. Besides these, healthy warm beverages can soothe a sore throat, augments the immune system and keep you at the pink of your health.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is the key to maintain your health in a good state, as the temperature is slowly rising up it is very vital to maintain electrolyte and fluid balance of the body. Drinking enough water helps the body to regulate body temperature, maintain hydration, clear out unwanted toxins and keeps your immune system strong.


Let’s all work together as responsible citizens in this time of the pandemic attack of COVID-19 to go by the rules and regulations laid down by the health authorities and government which includes avoiding unwanted travels, practice social distancing, stay home if unwell, follow respiratory etiquettes, and maintain good hygiene and work remotely to contain the spread of this deadly COVID-19 disease and make our society a safe and healthy place to live.