We are under complete lockdown, yet coronavirus cases are continuing to climb, amidst panic and worries gripping the entire world.

The government authorities and entire medical and health fraternity are working hard to contain the spread of COVID-19 disease and there are many suggestions that are going around.

However, if there is one important suggestion laid down by the health advisories, government and all other stakeholders in unison, to slow down the transmission of the virus and safeguard every one of us, is to be on home quarantine. Also Read: Coronavirus: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

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The SARS-CoV-2 virus has taken a firm grip over India, both the central and state government authorities are taking stringent measures to curb the spread of lethal COVID-19 disease. According to the latest reports from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), India is still in phase 2 of transmission and a complete lockdown is the only solution available to break the chain of transmission. Also Read: Coronavirus: All You Need To Know About This Deadly Virus – Infographic

The latest study revealed that India may be able to lessen the COVID-19 cases by 62% if social distancing and quarantines are strictly observed. This can flatten the curve and provide the health authorities with better opportunities for interventions.

During this period of lockdown for the next few weeks, it is essential to keep our home clean, safe and a healthy place to live without the risk of getting any infections.

Disinfecting Your Home During COVID-19 Lockdown

How To Keep Your Home Virus Free

Cleaning and disinfecting are two key things that one should start doing at home to keep your place safe from any microbes. It is recommended by the Centre Of Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) to clean and disinfect your home even in the absence of any sick people at home.

We must clean and disinfect high –contacted surfaces and areas in our homes at least once daily to stay safe, as people at home travel for work or other places or if you had any person leaving or visiting or any delivery person coming in.

Cleaning v/s Disinfecting

  • Cleaning means clearing any contaminants from the surface.
  • Disinfecting is all about killing harmful pathogens.

It is recommended to do both cleaning and disinfecting daily if anyone had entered or left from home.

Scientists have discovered that the coronavirus strain is capable of existing on surfaces such as cardboard for 24 hours, up to 2-3 days on plastic materials and stainless steel, hence it is pivotal to disinfect high-contact surfaces and an important precautionary step all should follow.

What Are The High-Contact Surfaces That Has To Be Cleaned And Disinfected Daily?

  • Doorknobs
  • Table surfaces
  • Stair handrails
  • Chairs (seat, back and arms)
  • Kitchen work area
  • Bathroom
  • Faucets, faucet knobs
  • Toilets, (seat and handle)
  • Light switches
  • TV remote controls

How To Clean And Disinfect?

Clean the surfaces thoroughly clearing all the contaminants, dust, or remnants, take a cloth or hand towel dab in soap water or use a cleaning spray. After cleaning apply disinfectant use either disinfecting wipes or disinfectant spray on the surfaces and this way you can easily and effectively disinfect your home. Choose disinfectant that contains hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite which are effective to contain coronavirus strain.

Cleaning Essentials To Stock

You should also have cleaning essentials such as disinfecting wipes, disinfectant spray, Isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

How To Disinfect Mobile Phones/Laptops

Your mobile phone is all that’s helping to keep you sane during this period of home quarantine, however, mobiles are breeding places for germs. You carry them everywhere and they are highly in contact with surfaces hence you need to clean and disinfect your mobiles too. Disinfecting wipes are the best to clean your devices. If you have an android or iPhone use 70% alcohol solution or disinfecting wipes to safely clean them.

Use a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution to clean the display screen using a soft towel and ensure you clean down the keyboard, trackpad, the outer area and place where you rest your wrist on the laptop.

Your desktop also needs a thorough dusting and cleaning. Use a disinfecting wipe or isopropyl alcohol solution and a soft towel to clean and disinfect desktop.


At this crucial juncture, follow these simple and effective measures at home to minimize the risk of getting any infection, stay at home safe and healthy.

*Source: Centre For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC)