A complete lockdown during these tough times of COVID-19 infection isn’t easy. With the growing number of confirmed patients every day, schools and educational institutions have already been shut across the country, to reduce the spread of this deadly virus. Unlike a well-planned limited period, school vacation this unexpected limbo has brought even the most organised parents to a halt.

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And with even the private companies asking their employees to work remotely from their house, it is extremely arduous, for a work from home parent or a stay at home one to balance work and family during this self-isolation period since entertaining and keeping the kids busy is 10 times more difficult now that they are home 24x7. Also Read: COVID-19: This Is How You Clean & Disinfect Your Home To Beat Coronavirus

Without a doubt, your kids' health and safety are paramount, but keeping your energetic little ones engaged and entertained for hours on end can send any parent into a spiral. But fret not as you are not alone. Parents from all over the world are facing the same situation and trying to handle the best possible way. Instead of thinking this time period as a government-imposed exile, make it the family time you always wanted to have but never had the chance before owing to the work pressure or difficult timings with your partner and children. 

How to keep kids entertained

Take this time to make more memories, spend some quality time with the elderly, have a family cooking session, adopt some new leisurely activities with your partner or kids or just play some board games to make the most of the time you are getting. Also Read: Janata Curfew: 4 Unique Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Family & Stop COVID-19

Although it can become quite difficult to manage your work and your kids while confined within the four walls, there are several solutions to this nightmarish situation. In an effort to make the next few weeks a little calmer on the parents, try implementing a few of these ideas into your kid’s daily schedule to keep them occupied and entertained:

Kid-Friendly Activities

Sticker Books

These are all-time favourites for kids of all ages. Be it the trending Avengers or evergreen Tom and Jerry, kids like collecting stickers and pasting them onto their scrapbooks. Buy a few of these sticker books and ask your kids to decorate their scrapbooks using their imagination.

Playing Dough

This is something that would keep toddlers occupied for a long time. Spread a plastic sheet across the room and allow your little ones to use their vivid imaginations to create something wonderful using clay dough balls and differently shaped moulds.


Though mostly for the girls, if you have some costumes of the favourite cartoon character your child likes, you can ask them to dress-up and enact a scene or try saying some interesting dialogues while portraying the particular character.

Practising Art

Never misjudge the power crayons, paints, markers and brushes for keeping your kids busy for a long time period. Be it a toddler or a teen, even if your kid isn’t artistic, drawing can not only spark creativity within your child it can also help you let out the stress and connect with your kid.

Solving Puzzles

One of the best things to spend the time is by solving puzzles. Buy one of those 1000-piece puzzles for your child as these are not only quite fun to construct but also help in the cognitive development of your kid. And as the final topping, you can spend stretches of time with your kid completing one of the pieces.

Book Reading

If your kids like reading storybooks, buy a dozen of them to keep them busy throughout the self-isolation period. In the case of teens, reading a book is quite constructive and helps them develop their vocabulary and language skills. For a kid, reading out their favourite story can not only inculcate a habit of reading but also allow you to spend some quality time. 

Science Kits

For the intuitive teens, who are always thinking rationally and want to make the most of their time, and are always into constructive ideas, this is the best option. You can get some educative science kits or experimental models for your children as this not only occupies a lot of time but also helps them to learn something new.


As shut down of schools hamper the studies a lot, you can make use of this time to improve your kid's academics as well. Try making your kid solve some maths, grammar or science worksheets that not only help them be in sync with the school but also enhance their learning capabilities.


For those kids who love to eat and help around their moms in the kitchen, this is the time you can put to use. Cooking is the best way to spend quality time with your kid. Try getting your children to whip up that cookie they always wanted to eat or asking them to help you prepare a yummy evening snack.

Fabricate Origami Animals

Keeping kids occupied isn’t that arduous or going to cost you a fortune. All you need is to think a little out of the box and the solution is right in front of you in the form of a paper. Yes, a piece of paper can keep your kids entertained for hours if they get to bring their favourite animals to life in origami form. And worry not, from fishes, bats, birds, butterflies and frogs, there are a variety of designs to choose from the internet nowadays. You can even get more creative and colour them up to make them look more real.

Scrabble It Up

Who said that studying always has to be boring, just set up a board of scrabble and you are all set to learn new words in an entertaining way! Yes, you heard that right! Scrabble is a creative and fun way for older children to brush up on their spelling and vocabulary.

Build A Den

We get that all those summer-camping trips or just playing in the tree house with friends has paused for your little one for the time being. But who said that staying at home during this lockdown can’t be made fun and entertaining? Well, all you need is a mid-level table, a bed sheet, some pillows and a torch light to model you very own den right at home.  Let you child’s imagination run wild as they pretend to go camping or play in their hand-made tree house or just like to keep themselves warm in their very-own igloo.