Skincare is a tricky task, especially during the monsoons. If you have dry skin, it may need loads of moisturization while oily skin demands regular cleansing to get rid of that oil-drenched look. However, if you have noticed dry skin around your jawline and oily patches on the nose, and forehead – it means you have combination skin.

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If you are wondering how to take care of ‘combination skin’, don’t worry, because this skin type is not uncommon and with a few simple skincare tweaks, it’s easy to look ravishing all the time!

What Is A Combination Skin?

Well, dermatologists define combination skin as a mix of dry, oily and normal skin. Typically, people blessed with this type of skin possess dry or normal skin on the cheeks, jawline, and around the mouth, while the nose, forehead, and chin – known as the T zone look oily and shiny. People with combination skin are also prone to sudden breakouts, blackheads and larger skin pores.

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How To Test For A Combination Skin?

Try this simple test at home:

Take a blotting paper and place it on the cheeks. If it does not turn oily, it means your cheeks are dry. In case, it turns a little oily your skin is normal.

Place the paper on the nose, and forehead and see if it collected too much oil. An oily T-zone is often an indication of oily skin in that area.

If you found dry cheeks and oily T-zone, you my friend, have combination skin.

Other Features Of Combination Skin:

  • Rough and dull skin tone on the nose and around the chin, due to accumulation of dead skin cells
  • Super dry jawline, cheeks and the area around the eyes
  • Sudden breakout of acne, dry patches especially in monsoons and winter

Typically, people blessed with this type of skin possess dry or normal skin on the cheeks, jawline, and around the mouth, while the nose, forehead, and chin – known as the T zone look oily and shiny.

Though combination skin needs that little extra care, it does not require any special effort. Use the right products and ensure a tailor-made skin routine for that bright, glowing look!

How To Care For Combination Skin?

Pick The Right Cleanser


Facial cleansers play a major role in maintaining combination skin. Go for gentle and mild cleansers to wipe out dust, excess oil and other pollutants accumulated on the face. Ensure washing the face at least twice daily and do not over dry cheeks and jawline.

Moisturization Is The Key


Moisturization is an important step for all skin types. Do not ever forget to moisturize the skin soon after showering and also before going to bed. Good quality moisturizers hydrate the skin from within, keeping it young and lively.

Do Not Forget To Exfoliate


Combination skin is prone to more dead skin cells on the nose and forehead, making it look rough. Exfoliate the area with good scrubs regularly, to remove those cells and regenerate the new ones. Regular exfoliation with oats, sugar and coffee powder mix provides an instant glow and is your quick fix on a busy day.  

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Sunscreen To The Rescue


A dab of sunscreen is all you need to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and other pollutants. Make sure to apply moisturizer first and then sunscreen for that double layer protection to prevent fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. Always pick a sunscreen with an SPF value of 15 or more for overall skin care.

Face Masks Do Help

Face Masks

Ready-to-use face masks are a blessing in these busy days, and they come in numerous combinations. Soaked and hydrated in natural products, these face masks provide instant hydration and remove excess oil leaving the skin smooth and supple. Pick the right face mask, place it gently on the face and relax! All it takes is 15 minutes to look gorgeous again.